KiwiSaver is a really easy way to get saving for your retirement. But how exactly does it work?

You might be wondering…

  • How do I choose a KiwiSaver provider?
  • How do I choose which fund to invest in?
  • Is it worth increasing my contributions?
  • Am I entitled to government contributions?
  • How do I use my KiwiSaver to purchase my first home?
  • ​Is it worth-while contributing to KiwiSaver if I’m self-employed?

Let’s get that nest egg sorted together

Most people think of KiwiSaver as simply forced savings. But, depending on your stage in life and your appetite for risk, KiwiSaver can help you grow your savings beyond your contributions. Whether you’re just starting out with KiwiSaver, or have been contributing for a number of years, we can help.

And best of all, our support generally costs you nothing. So you have nothing to lose, but a whole lot of financial growth potential to gain.

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